Health Tips

Health Tips

Motivate Yourself To Workout

In the modern world of fast paced, high stress lifestyles, coupled with efficient systems of transport and technology, there’s no wonder that the general trend of the number of those who opt for ditching workouts to live more sedentary lives is increasing. The number of the general population taking part in physical activity on a general basis has declined, and continues to do so as there are now, more than ever, a multitude of reasons to not move our bodies. Busy jobs, accessible public transport, the rising cost of gym memberships – the excuses are infinite. In truth, with 24 hours in all of our days, it is about how we are prioritising our time and our real reasons for not making physical activity part of our lives.


It is an obvious fact that physical activity is necessary for overall good health and well being. Reducing the risk of chronic disease, supporting healthy functioning of our brains and organs, aiding in mood regulation and promoting an ease of being in our bodies. Here we offer some useful tips to increase motivation to work out.


Plan for it

Having a workout scheduled on your to-do list is important to keep yourself accountable. Instead of making that snap decision in bed that you’ll get up earlier and workout (how often does that work?), plan it in your diary and in your work with specific allotted time to work out.


Motivate yourself

Read about, or watch, motivational movement sports books and videos to get yourself jazzed up and in the mood to move your body. Listen to music that makes you want to dance. Working out to music is a great way to keep the motivation throughout the session, and distract yourself from any tiredness.


Get a buddy

Working out with another person is great for accountability. If you have a date set, you’ll be less likely to ditch it. Also, having another person by your side during the challenge of a workout can be a great motivation, and overall, an enjoyable experience.


For more fitness help, weight loss or nutrition advice, contact your local chiropractor.