Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries


Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Grocery shopping is often one of those chores you know you have to do every week, but don’t want to. The total cost for a week’s worth of groceries for a family can seem excessive. It doesn’t have to. There are ways to cut the weekly food bill down without cutting the quality or quantity. According to Bankrate there are some simple ways to save money on groceries.


First, get to know your grocery store. Often their sales tend to have cycles. These are often six or eight weeks. If an item is on sale this week, it generally will be on sale again in six weeks. Some products are also on seasonal cycles such as allergy medicines and tissues. They tend to be on sale late winter and early spring for consumers to stock up on for spring allergy season. Other examples include grilling products that usually go on sale late spring or early summer, and back-to-school items which go on sale in July and August.


When you get to know the sales cycles of your grocery store, also learn about the store coupon policies. Many stores offer coupon doubling specials. This is a time period where stores will double or sometimes triple the value of a single coupon. Some stores offer grace periods for using coupons after an expiration date. Other coupon practices include stores accepting mobile coupons on a cell phone, and matching or accepting coupons from competitor stores.


The most important step to saving money on groceries is to be proactive. Doing a little research before shopping can help you find great sales and maybe some new coupons. Visit the websites of the store you are going to shop at, and manufacturers’ websites of your favorite products. Always check weekly sales flyers often found in your Sunday newspaper, either online or as an insert. You can set up an email account just to receive coupons and manufacturer’s newsletters or have them sent to you through an existing account. Create a separate folder in your email to store these in.


Most stores have loyalty programs for customers. This may require you to sign-up for the program and show a membership card when you shop. Loyalty programs rewards may include cash-back incentives, additional savings on future purchases, and loyalty program customer discounts.


Knowing when to shop can also help you to save money on groceries. Wednesday is typically the day new circulars come out. Stores often will still honor the prior week’s sales on this day. Products nearing the “sell by” date often go on sale mid-week. For certain items the best sales are after a major holiday or event.


For added savings challenge yourself to use left-overs instead of throwing them out. Also go through your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer and see what you have, and use what you find instead of buying new. With some basic understanding about your grocery store and coupons, and a little bit of work you can save money on your family’s weekly groceries.


These savings can then be used for the bills that are stressing you out the most in life. Bills like your student loan bills, mortgage bills, etc. These bills seem like a huge hurtle at first but with plans like loan payment plans, because of the pressure it takes off of you, the stress will begin to fade away.



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8 June 2016